Mounting Logical Volumes

Mounting a logical volume in linux system #vgchange -a y my_volume_group Example: #vgchange -a y /dev/system #lvs (Will display information about logical volumes) #ls -l /dev/system/ (will display all the partitions in the volume group system) #mount /dev/system/data /mnt (will mount the data partition of the volume group system to /mnt)

How to install PHPMYADMIN for mysql database

After installing Apache (Web server) and mysql (database server) on your Linux system… Download the compatible version of phpmyadmin from “” Extract the file into you web server directory (where you website files will be stored) example incentos /var/www/html/opensuse /srv/www/htdocs after extracting the file you will find the one file rename that file to… Continue reading “How to install PHPMYADMIN for mysql database”